the voices on

the airwaves

Portia Juliette as Marina

"Is anybody listening?"

Marina is the headstrong and highly opinionated radio host introducing you to all of the great indie music you should have heard of by now. She's been trapped in her radio station since the end of the world, and assumes she's broadcasting to the remains of humanity -- that is, if anybody is even still alive.

Portia Juliette is an actor and project manager based in Los Angeles. Curiosity and FOMO drove her to work in many facets of the entertainment industry, including casting, production, bartending, and development. She learned the principles for each of these at the University of Southern California. Portia has performed to an audience at places like the American Conservatory Theatre, to a lens for web and TV series' like Amy Suto's Con, and to a microphone for audiobooks and other voice over work. You will usually find her writing romcom raps with the sketch comedy troupe Tr!fecta, color coding post-its at the Antaeus Theatre Company, or consuming a variety of seriocomedies and potatoes.

Headshot photo credit: 

Daniel Reichert



Sid Phoenix as Holden

"It's not the desert I fear: it's the wilderness in the hearts of men."


Introducing Holden, The Last Station's first (and only) caller. He's a troubled cowboy who wanders from town to town with his horse, broadcasting from libraries from his shortwave radio. He's searching for his brother, taken by the Wasteland Marauders, and mourning the loss of his wife. He's got a poet's spirit, even as he's a rough-and-tumble outlaw dealing with PTSD from the Before Times.

Sid Phoenix won a New York Film Award for his portrayal of Siegfried Sassoon in THE BURYING PARTY (Sine Wave Media). He is also a writer, composer and avid fan of Tabletop Roleplaying Games, using his own design to develop a serialised project combining gameplay and improvised storytelling (coming whenever life gets back to normal).



Since lockdown, he has found himself improvising jazz renditions of video game themes for his flatmates, and has somehow found himself running a lockdown theatre company.


His screen work includes: DARK ENCOUNTER (Strathie Film) QUIZ (AMC); FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS (Paramount); THE PROGRAM (StudioCanal); and ALL IS VANITY (Malbec Films).

His stage work includes: BITING POINT (The Pleasance); GOLDEN CHILD (The New Diorama); Dionysus in THE BACCHAE (Southwark Playhouse); Puck in A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM IN NEW ORLEANS (The Arts Theatre - West End); Cole Porter in HUTCH and Nick Carraway in THE GREAT GATSBY (both Riverside Studios).



Upcoming projects include: PHONOS 1 (Flamingo House); THE EVIL IN ME (Strathie Film); and THE PRAYER WHEEL (Citadel Pictures), among others. 

Flannery Maney as Alice


Alice is a singer-songwriter who works at Amoeba, and has a love for vinyl records. She's in it for the music, not for the fame, and finds herself struggling to fit in with the Los Angeles crowd. When she meets Marina, they're both struggling: Marina, to be a radio host, Alice, to find her voice in the city.

Flannery Maney is an LA-based actress, writer, and producer. Her films have premiered at Austin, Santa Fe, and Dances with Films, and her short was directed by Academy Award Winner Chris Overton. As a writer, Flannery specializes is hour-long dramas and loves working in the historical space. Her acting work can be seen on Fox, Nickelodeon, YouTube Red or on stages in London or in LA performing with Riot Shakespeare. Flannery attended Denison University before she deepened her studies at RADA. She is an avid traveler and the co-founder of the creative company, Kingdom of Pavement. She enjoys making music in her spare time and loves singing all day every day.

Noah Suarez-Sikes as Dustin


Dustin is Holden's brother with a reckless streak. He fought in the war at the end of the world alongside Holden, and has been kidnapped by the Wasteland Marauders, a violent cult in the post-apocalyptic desert.

Noah Suarez-Sikes Noah Suarez-Sikes is an LA-based comedian, writer, historian, and foremost expert on the movie Cars 2 through his Institute of Cars 2 Studies. In his spare time, you can find him graphic designing, running dramatically through rain, or advancing the cause of the socialist international.