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Here at The Last Station, we're proud to bring you the best of the best when it comes to sick beats and flamin' hot mandolin solos. If you're looking for the best indie/alt rock and other decidedly-not-mainstream genres at the end of the world, we've got you covered. 


Click on the images or names of the musicians below to learn more about their work and if they've survived the apocalypse.

episode one music


Wandering the stars alone, Brother Smoke comes from distant nebulas and solar systems. As of yet, not much is known about him except that he likes Americana, grand vistas and that he is as lonely as the music he plays. Singing anything that makes him yearn for the worlds he imagines, he creates music that reminds him of fonder artists of the past. 

Flannery Maney voices Alice, and wrote and performed Alice's "Evening Lullaby" for The Last Station.


Flannery is an LA-based actress, writer, and producer. Her films have premiered at Austin, Santa Fe, and Dances with Films, and her short was directed by Academy Award Winner Chris Overton. As a writer, Flannery specializes is hour-long dramas and loves working in the historical space. Her acting work can be seen on Fox, Nickelodeon, YouTube Red or on stages in London or in LA performing with Riot Shakespeare. Flannery attended Denison University before she deepened her studies at RADA. She is an avid traveler and the co-founder of the creative company, Kingdom of Pavement. She enjoys making music in her spare time and loves singing all day every day.