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Amy Suto


Amy is an award-winning writer and USC screenwriting alum, and she most recently co-wrote an episode of the show CONDOR. Her focus is in TV, but she writes podcasts, novels, and short stories in the thriller genre focusing on themes like the cost of ambition. She co-founded the literary publication and podcast production company Kingdom of Pavement, and she's a two-time College Television Emmy nominee for her dramatic miniseries CON. She also writes memoirs, immersive theater events, and all sorts of other content for people around the world. Amy created, produced, and is writing episodes 101, 102, and 110 of The Last Station.

Jeff Cendejas

sound designer + mix/mastering

Stephen Ptacek


//writing team//

Jack Bentele

writer of episode 103

Noah Suarez-Sikes

writer of episode 104

Noah Suarez-Sikes Noah Suarez-Sikes is an LA-based comedian, writer, historian, and foremost expert on the movie Cars 2 through his Institute of Cars 2 Studies. In his spare time, you can find him graphic designing, running dramatically through rain, or advancing the cause of the socialist international.

Ilan Benjamin

writer of episode 105