station management

Amy Suto


Amy is an award-winning writer and USC screenwriting alum, and she most recently co-wrote an episode of the show CONDOR. Her focus is in TV, but she writes podcasts, novels, and short stories in the thriller genre focusing on themes like the cost of ambition. She co-founded the literary publication and podcast production company Kingdom of Pavement, and she's a two-time College Television Emmy nominee for her dramatic miniseries CON. She also writes memoirs, immersive theater events, and all sorts of other content for people around the world. Amy created, produced, and is writing episodes 101, 102, and 110 of The Last Station.

Jeff Cendejas

sound designer + mix/mastering

Stephen Ptacek


Kyle Cords


Kyle Cords is a Kingdom of Pavement producer and a LA-based writer who attended NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and won their Hour-Long Writer of the Year Award. Since being in LA, Kyle has assisted creators like Damon Lindelof and Sam Esmail. In 2019, Kyle's feature script, Dream, was featured on The Hit List. He is currently writing and producing a soon to be announced podcast series. Kyle is also the founder of The Orphanage Collective, a reimagining of management by creatives, for creatives. He's also a writer and producer on The Last Station Podcast.

Tyler-Marie Walker


Tyler is a LA-based writer with a background in TV development and casting. She has a passion for character-driven storytelling that joins issues of intersectionality with coming-of-age adventure. Originally born and raised in Munich, she attended a French Lycée through eighth grade but left the French schooling system for LaGuardia H.S.'s Fame-ous Drama Department. After a small stint in the real world, graduating from Georgetown University’s Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service, this trilingual connoisseur of plants, pets and 90s-era romcoms, threw caution to the wind and moved to this nonsensical town.

Jack Bentele


Raised as a Catholic in Texas, Jackson later realized he could still worship fate, shame, guilt, and graphic iconography as a heathen in California. At least now his church sells some popcorn. He writes genre stories that try really hard not to hate themselves, and thinks a lot about the future of this industry, how it doesn't really make sense anymore, and how we better start figuring it out before we lose the magic for good.

Jorge Molina 

writer of episode 106

Jorge Molina is a writer and filmmaker. He was born and raised in Mexico City, and is based in LA. He studied Writing for Screen & Television in the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. He likes to tell stories about outsiders looking for a community, and his scripts have been awarded in world-renowned competitions, like the Austin Film Festival, the Juan Rulfo Short Story Competition and the Outfest Screenwriting Lab. He has worked extensively behind the scenes in organizations like GLAAD, Outfest Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival, and the Sundance Festival. He is excited to keep working towards creating entertainment that push representation forward. Jorge can be found listening to ABBA Gold or reading Agatha Christie at any given moment.

Ilan Benjamin